Lucent APX8-SL-96DSP APX8-SL-96DSP

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Suggested Retail Price:
US$1,500.00 each

Lucent MultiDSP 96 Port Line Card. Quantity is available. Comes with 120 day warranty.
Features Include:
  • Multi-application support: single-slot, 96-Port multiservice card; enabled for V.92 (QC, MoH)/V.44, V.90 modem support.
  • Hash-code required for: VoIP (G.711/G.729a), ISDN B Channel support (appropriate trunk singnaling), V.110, or PHS 48-Port MultiDSP (Data/Mobile) Module Multi-application support: Single-slot, 48-Port
  • Use this module for data-focused (non VoIP) sales. Enabled for V.90 modem support.
  • Hash-code required for ISDN B Channel support (appropriate trunk signaling), V.110, or VoIP.
Services Include:
  • 120 Day warranty
  • Quantity is available
Manufactured by: Lucent Technologies

Payment Methods:
American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Paypal,Western Union, Company Check, Personal Check, Money Order, Wire Transfer

Currency US$
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  Lucent APX8-SL-96DSP APX8-SL-96DSP  1,000.00 each

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