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This is just a tiny sample of our inventory. Due to high turnover of our inventory, the listed items here may or may not still be available. Contact us if you have a need for the items below or similar equipment. We routinely acquire routers, switches, networking equipment of all kinds, hubs, tape drives and other data storage devices, all types of telecommunications equipment, ISP related equipment, voice boards, test equipment, Computers, and more.

Manufacturers include 3Com, Cisco, Northern Telecom, Lucent and many others. Call us at 386-760-9300 to inquire about, sell or purchase used equipment.

Nortel 450-24TSwitch US$150.00
Nortel 450-24TSwitch AL2012A14
We have quantity of this item if needed. Both brown & gray chassis. Inquire for fiber modules and cascade ...

3Com 3C16980 US$179.99
3Com 3C16980 3C16980
Quantity is available for this item. I have both refrubished in original box as well as used.Modules ...

3Com 3C905C-TXM US$10.00
3Com 3C905C-TXM 3C905C-TXM
3Com 10/100 PCI Network Interface Card. With Wake On LAN.

Lucent APX8-SL-96DSP US$1,000.00
Lucent APX8-SL-96DSP APX8-SL-96DSP
Lucent MultiDSP 96 Port Line Card. Quantity is available. Comes with 120 day warranty.

Lucent TNT-SL-48MODV3-S-C US$75.00
Lucent TNT-SL-48MODV3-S-C. Quantity is available. Comes with 120 day warranty.

Call us at 386-760-9300! We'll be happy to answer any questions you have, whether you are looking to sell your used equipment or acquire equipment.

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